Male Sex Toys

Cock Rings

Cock rings can be regarded as little helpers for the men. As the name suggests, it comes in the form of a ring typically made from rubber or chromed steel. It is placed around the base of the penis in addition to the scrotum, but don't put it on while the penis is erect. The purpose of the cock ring is to maintain an erection by controlling blood flow. It allows blood to flow into the penis through the arteries and restricts the veins that let it flows back.

cock ring

Some elements to consider before buying one involve size. It's not a condom situation where one size can fit quite a few guys. If the ring is too small then it will restrict too much blood, resulting in a very painful erection. A size too big won't have any effect. However, there are some cock rings that are adjustable although they are a little more expensive. The latter cock rings are also available in leather.

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Butt Plugs

The world of sex toys just won't be the same without butt plugs. It's really growing in popularity for both sexes and it was specifically designed to provide stimulation for the rectal area. The original form can be compared to a dildo, but there are some significant differences. On one end it's a flat, circular shape. From the middle a thin shaft extends which gradually becomes thicker until it forms a bubble. From the bubble the shaft gradually gets thinner.

butt plugs

A butt plug isn't for everyone because it will heavily depend on comfort. When plugged in it will stimulate the nerve clusters inside the rectum that typically sends messages to the brain when the need for a toilet arises. It's a matter of controlling this stimulation. In other words, during sex it can greatly enhance the experience, but it can also make it very uncomfortable for people who can't control the stimulation. A decent butt plug will also reach the prostate area, resulting in very nice sensations. It's definitely a sex toy that falls into the "discovery" section and can either make or break a sexual experience.


Dildos are the replicas of the classic vibrator, however, it doesn't vibrate and it's made from different materials. There is nothing scientific about a dildo and its purpose is as straightforward as can be. Generally made from latex or silicone, the sizes range from very small to painfully big. There is no lack of creativity in the dildo market, because they embody every color you can imagine and any possible shape. Some of them include the scrotum area. No power is needed and they can even fit into a purse.

Silicone dildos are the preferred material, but they are a little more expensive. Users all agree that the texture and temperature combines comfortably with natural lady parts. Apart from choosing a favorite color and shape, the only thing that should really be considered is the size. It's recommended to start small and work towards limitations, because buying a giant dildo won't really provide as much pleasure as it will pain. Lube is optional, seeing as dildos are typically soft and smooth.

Fleshlight Girls – Tori Black Torrid Vagin


It all comes down to personal taste and making some hard decisions. For newbies it will be like walking into a candy store filled with tasty dreams, so don't be afraid to ask questions and be sure about what is being bought. Not everything in a sex toy store will be appropriate for the ideas you have, but when the mind is open then sex toys won't disappoint. Whether you just want to increase stimulation in different areas or simply want to enhance familiar regions, the sex toy world is your oyster.