Understanding the basics of traditional thai massage


Traditional thai massage bray

In the present stressful times that we are living in, therapies such as traditional thai massage have become quite popular across the globe. If you have been to Thailand, you have undoubtedly come across dozens of massage parlors spread across large cities like Bangkok and Pattaya. However, this massage goes beyond the boundaries of Thailand as it has become a highly sought after worldwide phenomenon.
Overview of traditional thai massage
Traditional thai massage or simply Thai yoga massage as it is known in some Western countries is a unique ancient healing procedure that combines acupressure, assisted yoga postures, and Indian Ayurvedic principles. The history of this massage dates back to over 25 centuries ago. However, despite the massage going through numerous changes and developments over time, it has retained its originality throughout the time it has been in existence. The modern form of this massage incorporates other yoga exercises for the better nourishment of the body, mind, and soul.
The massage therapy is carried out while lying on the floor for easy exercising as well as for the convenience of the therapist. At first, the massage can be quite painful especially if you are suffering any pain or discomfort in your muscles. This is because it involves the application of pressure at strategic parts of the body such as the limbs and waist. The long-term therapeutic benefits of this massage are that it aims at eliminating stress and pain on muscles especially on body parts such as limbs and arms.
Safety precautions to take while practicing traditional thai message
Even though the traditional thai message has numerous benefits especially physical and mental ones, it is important to undertake several safety precautions while practicing the massage. For starters, you should know your health conditions. This is because it is not safe for people with chronic illnesses as the rigorous and strenuous exercises in the massage may cause the illnesses to become severe. In addition to this, when introducing yourself to the massage, it is important to practice the exercises gradually. This reduces the likelihood of feeling excruciating pain before your body gets used to the exercises.
One requirement when undertaking this massage is that you should maintain a calm ambiance. Additionally, you should maintain a moderate room temperature and cover the body with a cotton towel to feel comfortable and relaxed. To enjoy the therapy sessions to the fullest, you should maintain conscious throughout the sessions.
Key benefits of traditional thai massage
Some of the main benefits of this massage include better blood circulation, relief from pain, stress management, and replenished mental health among other benefits.